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Yahoo! Finance

CanaCulture: How This Young Entrepreneur Opened a Premier Storefront During the Setbacks of COVID-19

"Zain Jaffery is a recent graduate from the University of Western Ontario. However, his academic pursuits never led him astray from his true passion of entrepreneurship. Throughout his university career, Zain found himself intrigued in the emerging legalization of the Cannabis industry in Canada. With a savvy mindset for business, Zain..."
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Cannabis industry not going up in smoke over COVID-19

"Although it has faced challenges because of COVID-19, the cannabis industry is still going strong in midtown Toronto. Patrons and owners of dispensaries are happy things have finally begun to reopen for in-store shopping and are optimistic about the future of cannabis culture."
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Toronto Star

Who runs Toronto’s many cannabis stores? We talked to three unique owners

"To mark 4/20, the day that celebrates cannabis culture worldwide, we spoke to the owners of three Toronto pot shops. Coincidentally, they’re also a great joke setup: a rabbi, a lawyer and millennial walk into a cannabis shop. (Insert your own punch line here.)"
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